Paul Warne

Designer, Educator, Artist

The Chamber of Hollowfields

This mulit-channel video-installation is comprised of many layers of translucent screens through which 3D animated computer animations are projected. The animations are calculated to play with the users sense of perspective, and the resulting experience is one of floating within a multi-dimensional, animated space.

It was originally displayed at Edinboro Univerity in 1998 in collaboartion with Sound artist Rick Gribenas, and has since won awards and been commisioned by Carnegie Mellon University’s Art gallery, The City of Montreal (Maison de la Culture, Nuit Blanche), the Halifax Go North art festival and is featured in my Montreal funhouse, the Lumenarium.


“…provides an experience of space, one that the visitor may immerse in. .. Standing in their midst, surrounded by sound and visions of, among other things, tumbling binary numbers or dashing patches of light, is akin to being in the center of a video game…he liberates both his animation and the viewer…” -Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Entering the gallery is like entering the space inside a projected movie. Animated imagery runs amok through multiple layers of strategically hung scrims of cheesecloth blurring the line between real and digital space…By splitting and combining imagery, the piece creates an entire environment that breaks down the normal expectations of projected imagery on movie screens…” -Pittsburgh Tribune Review

“Le tout crée un effet de profondeur et de mouvement que le visiteur peut explorer en se promenant à travers les bandes. L’environnement change constamment, plongeant le public tantôt dans une pluie d’étoiles filantes, tantôt dans des arcades mouvantes qui étourdissent et rappellent, effectivement, les flashes et visions hypnotiques qui accompagnent l’arrivée du sommeil.” - Montreal Express

project specs here

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