Paul Warne

Designer, Educator, Artist

Breaking The Ice

“‘Breaking the Ice’ brings people together across the vast distances of Canada and encourages connection not only through the screen but also around the screen, as groups of people at either end collaborate and communicate…”  - excerpt from this review

photos by John Desjarlais

I was commissioned by La Societe des Arts Technologiques [SAT] in Montreal to be the creative art director and interaction designer for the Telepresence project “Breaking the Ice”.  The Octas-award-winning piece was featured at the CODE art festival in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics and at the Quebec National Library in Montreal.

“From 4 to 21 February 2010, BREAKING THE ICE enables Montrealers to teleport from the lobby of the National Library to the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver to meet their compatriots located more than 4,800 km away. Montrealers and Vancouverites will be able to converse and play through the touch screens installed telepresence stations in both cities.”

More Info Here (including an interview about the design development of the project)


I was commissioned by by La Societe des Arts Technologiques [SAT] in Montreal to work as artist and interactive designer with the TOT immersive group on the isntallation 4Dmix3. The piece uses a ceiling-mounted camera to track multiple participants, using their movements to control mirrored avatars in a virtual world. The avatars can be led through a collection of phase-locked sound sources, allowing the users to discover hidden sonic material in the scene. A looping audio spooler records all of the sounds encountered, allowing users to create personal remixes of the sonic material. When a user comes to the front of the space (face-to-face with his or her avatar), they hear the result of their mix.

some photos from the 4Dmix cubed vernissage here